Friday, July 24, 2009


I take it no one checks this any more? lol it's kind of dead where is everyone and how is everyone doing?


Anonymous said...

Hmm I don't know if anyone checks anymore either. I haven't checked it in months. I'm really curious as to what everyone is up to.

Dawn said...

Hi there! I haven't checked here in forever but your post showed up on my blog roll. Hopefully more people will check. All is well here, Austin is getting glasses and readying for 1st grade. Hard to believe.

Sheila said...

I check in regularly but no one is here. Malayna is doing well. She's going to summer pre-k and loving it - finally! She even rides the bus home 2 days a week. Our hope is this will allow for a smooth transition into pre-k in the fall. She now walks really well holding just one hand. We're still optimistic that she'll master independent walking. She'll be 5 in September.

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