Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jason starts 4th grade tomorrow!!!!!

Jason is starting his first day of 4th grade tomorrow. He goes to a year round school, so the schedule is different. I think he is a little hesitant this time around, because he is starting to realize that he is getting older and has so many more responsibilities now. The class he has been put in, has a teacher who is good with children with disabilities, so that is a big plus. Jason needs to have teachers who are patient with him. Sometimes he has a hard time understanding things and getting answers out as quick as the other kids. But he is smart and I know he will be ok. He has also formed a great group of friends he hangs out with, raised well from good homes. They tend to protect him from the bully's in school. :o)
We are also almost done with his IEP, we just need to meet with the psychologist now, who will be determining what kind of help he will be receiving for his comprehension issues. Also his new teacher let me know that about two weeks into school, once she has had a chance to get to know Jason, that she would like to have a meeting with us to get an idea of what she needs to do to get him on track, what she can expect and make sure he has the best possible learning experience. I was happy to hear she took the initiative to offer that.
So we are onto hopefully a positive year for Jason. I am praying there aren't as many bumps in the road as last year. But heh, if we hit some bumps, so be it. We will just face things head on as we have in the past and think as positive as we can. After all that is the only thing we can do right? Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update.

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