Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Got It On Video!

Oh, girls. I've been so very horrible with posting and responding to your posts. I HAVE been reading, and cheering with you, and crying with you... I'm actually really missing our BBC board. The format just seemed so much easier. And it's REALLY HARD for me to get onto blogs at work, which is where I spied on y'all most often.

At any rate, I just wanted to share this video that my DH took at Ellie's therapy session yesterday. She's walking so much better these days! It's like the light bulb FINALLY went off! She still needs some help with the criss-crossing of her legs (which is what the therapist is doing---putting her hand in between Ellie's legs to keep them from crossing over one another), and some hip support, but the actual rhythm of steps is really coming along. YAY!

Love y'all!

Where Are You?