Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hi Everyone!!
It has been quite a while since I have last updated, but I do follow the board religously and love to see what your "little one's" are accomplishing. As for "Benny", he has been doing well as of late(knock on wood). 2 months ago, he did have another major seizure which was triggered by a fever. He had to be intibated, and was at our local Children's Hospital for two days. He did bounce back quickly, and our Neurologist has since weaned him off Tegretol and onto Keppra(better for fever-induced Epilepsy).
Since we got home from the hospital, he has started to crawl! He was crawling on his belly, but he has since started the "real thing." He still won't pull up, but we are really working on it with the Therapists. He is all over the place now, and starting to act like a real toddler! LOL He will be 2-years old in December, and while I would love to see him walk, I am just happy to see him crawl! Did any of your little ones struggle with pulling up? He has done it once in his "pack and play", but hasnt done it since. It almost seems like he is so excited to crawl, that he has lost interest in pulling up!
The PT is thinking about Orthodics for him, but she wants to try a few other things first. I kind of wish she would be a little bit more proactive.
I look forward to continuing to post here, and wish all of you the very best! Stay strong mommas!
Take Care,

Monday, September 8, 2008

We need prayers,too, please

I wanted to say good luck to Logen on his first day of kindergarten. Jess, I remember that old pic that used to be your avatar on the OBBC a long time ago with Logen as a little guy in the tube in the pool. WOW! I can't believe he's 5 already!!

We also could use some prayers for Sammy. He is starting in the integrated preschool tomorrow for a half day. Brian will be bringing him since I have to be at school, too, and I wouldn't be able to stay as long as I would like until I felt comfortable leaving him! So Brian can stay for a while and make sure he's cool with it. He's visited twice now, and he's ok with being left with others, but I am freaking out because he is SO helpless, has ZERO mobility and has ZERO speech with people who have no clue about his quirks and how he does communicate in his own way. I keep telling myself that I am leaving God to take care of him while he's there and I prayed on Sunday at church that his teachers have the strength and patience needed to take care of him and help him learn. I feel a little better because his lead teacher has a 27 year-old son with very severe CP. I guess who better to take him than someone who's lived it themselves?? ANd he will be getting more therapy there, so I'm happy about that....

Luke is LOVING middle school. See, just goes to show that all of my freaking out about him getting lost and getting picked on and being overwhelmed was for nothing! He is doing great! :)

And I am loving my new 4th grade class! My principal moved my sister from 1st grade last year to 4th and my other sister from 1st grade to 4th this year and me from 5th to 4th this year and then didn't hire a 4th teacher for the grade, so we all got stuck with more kids. UGH! So we have the ED classroom for 4th grade in the area with us, which has actually been great for them and a learning experience for us. I thought I would hate the grade, but the kids are much sweeter and innocent, so i am loving it! I guess everything happens for a reason!! :)

Alright, I'm off to do some homework and then to bed... hope everyone else is doing great!! Sheila---I'm dying to know how Malayna is doing in school, girl!! Update time, everybody!!!! :)

Ellen :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going to "real' school

Logen goes to Kindergarten tomorrow. I have dreaded this day for a very long time. Probably since 'around the time of diagnosis'. I have always viewed 'real school' negatively for Logen. (Since I have such a positive outlook on things... ha) I hated knowing that he'd be in the "Special Ed" class, even though thats not what they call it at his school. That'd he would be classified as 'different' for lack of a better word. Kids are mean, I was one once- I know how people treated 'those' kids.But, tonight I actually am excited for Logen. I think he will do wonderfully in the class he will be in. While I will always hate the fact that he's not in a 'regular' class, I know he couldn't handle a 'regular, mainstream' class. And, who's to say that someday he won't be in a regular class? Couldn't handle seems negative- it wouldn't be a good placement for Logen, he's not ready for that yet. And, I know he's not ready for a typical Kindergarten class either. We are still working on communication with his Aug Comm device, we aren't to the point the other kids his age are. And, that's ok. Today must be a good day, b/c it doesn't make me cry that he's not there yet. He's working at "Logen's Pace" and when Logen gets there, he will get there. He's a pretty determined kid (anybody ever been with him & I at Walmart? Or any other public place that he may want something I am not going to buy him? He's pretty dog-on good at being 'determined')So, really- we just ask for prayers for Logen. B/c with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I know that tomorrow when I am in class I will be worried sick about him and how's he doing. So, maybe you could say a little prayer for Momma to. I'll update tomorrow evening, when I am suppose to be doing homework... like now.

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