Saturday, January 31, 2009


while things are going....that is about all I can say, sorry it's been so long but we've been mighty busy with endless illnesses in this house. Everyone seems to just keep passing bug after bug around UGH! While anyway Nicky's doctor from the asthma clinic is on mat leave and a respiratory specialist from sick kids has taken over for her, and it's a mixed blessing. After being told SINCE BIRTH his day-time snoring was "normal" and he was just a "grunt baby" we are now told it is "far from normal". After reviewing his records and checking him out she is almost 100% certain he is suffering from micro-collapses in his lungs while he's sleeping, but she did say his issues could be caused by two things or a combination of the both (but is still certain he is having collapses and tests with confirm it). She said he is either having the micro-collapses, breathing in food/liquid, or both which is why he's having so many bouts of URIs, pneumonia and his asthma is still out of control so he is being booked for a sleep study and feeding study. She did say that less likely he is seizing in his sleep but is highly doubtful of it but it will still be looked at as part of the routine when they do the sleep study. We've also had his meds changed a bit so hopefully we will see some better results now but we go back in 2 months for her to reaccess him. He also goes in in February for the last measurements on his eyes and he's finally having his surgeries booked so it's going to be a long year by the looks of things. Two eye surgeries, a sleep study, and a feeding study...OH BOY WHAT FUN! Please keep him in your prayers and pray that she is wrong about the micro-collapses and the breathing his food/drinks in. He has enough on his plate already poor boy doesn't need any more things to deal with!!!!

On a good note 4 days shy of 10 months Matthew WALKED! Yes we have a walker now lol he also like climbing EVERYTHING you turn your back even for a split second and he'll go from the floor on the other side of the room to the back of the couch and lay of it and wave at you with this cute little grin on his face like he's saying "HA HA Mom you aint fast enough to stop me from climbing on the couch" lmao so as you can imagine he is keeping us all on our toes! He has also mastered climbing almost out of the crib and scaling baby gates.....that has made child proofing attempts far from easy lol it's more like an adult obstacle course when he decides to take off, but at least I'm getting my exercise....who needs weight watchers when you have a very active baby on the loose?


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