Saturday, October 18, 2008

My baby turned 5 this week!!

My Emma turned five this week. Where did the time go? It seems just like yesterday that we brought her home, scared and afraid for her future. I nearly worried myself to death those first couple of years, and I wish I could get that time back--knowing what I know now! Oh well, you know they say you can't go back.

Emma has been doing very, very well lately. She got flowers from her PT clinic about a week ago for doing so well walking with her walker. She is still not completely independent yet. She just cannot seem to control the walker she has. I will take anything in the physical department though.

Her language is getting better. She can be very low volume at times, and her articulation can be hard to understand--but her mommy and daddy and grandparents understand her for the most part when she does try to talk. Her favorite things to say are: "NO," "NO MOM," and " I don't want to." I wish I could get an, "I love you." or something like that once in a while, but again I will take what we can get. We have been recording more of her talk when we can catch it on a recorder. I miss a lot because she talks when I don't expect it.

She is reaching better. If you will remember she hardly ever used her arms and had hardly any purposeful use of them. She is now reaching to show us what she knows. It is a spastic, fisted reach--but again we will take it. She can now really show us how smart she is by pointing to words, letters, numbers, multiple choice question/answers and things like that. She does it now all by herself. She appears to be at or even above age-level in many things. I don't like to brag! (Oh, I am lying there!) But, I wasn't sure that I would ever be able to say that, especially early on. I think everyone is impressed, and she is finally getting some respect. That makes me happy.

Well, that is about it. I miss you ladies a bunch.

Here is a picture of Emma at Toys R Us. She got to go for her birthday and pick out of few things. She and my parents overdid it just a little. She had a blast. She is finally able to see and appreciate toys and games and just going to a toy store. Oh, the little things that other parents take for granted.

She smiled the whole time!! She was so excited. It was a good day!!! God knows we have been praying for days and moments like these.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

911 Call

Today has been interesting. Interesting. At 8:04am my phone rang- I missed the call b/c I was dropping Parker off at daycare. At 8:05am I was in the car heading towards my school and listening through 14 voice mails to get to the one Logen's school had just left me (if that tells you anything, I don't listen to voice mails very often)The lady had said Logen is in the nurses office and they've called 911. Please call them.I freak. 1st thing that comes to mind: Seizure. Bad one. Tears, why couldn't this have happened when he was near me?!I regain composure and call them back. She said he was on the school bus - and had been seizing for about 2 minutes before he even got to school. I can't remember if they had phoned ahead to warn them or not- whoever was there to take him took off running to the nurse's office. The nurse immediately gave him diastat (a form of valium administered rectally). This stopped the seizure. They called 911 and then me.I headed towards his school. Thankful I was still in town (well, the next town over- but my school is a good 40 minutes *atleast* from Logen's school). I turned on my flashers and drove like any paniced mother would.When I got there the paramedics asked if I wanted them to transport Logen or if I wanted to. I said them. He was still lethargic and really not even holding his own head up. There were several people in the nurses office with Logen. The nurse was holding him and his teacher was standing next to them. The assistant principle, office ladies, and 2 paramedics were there 2.We got in the ambulance and headed to the hospital. Logen's teacher drove my van to the hospital so I would have it there. I really thought he would have slept on that drive, but he didn't. He was so out of it. He would have been so excited if he had known he was riding in the back of an ambulance. The paramedic riding back there had been to the school the week before to show the fire truck off and remembered Logen. He said he loved it!When we got to the hospital Logen was still not totally with it. The Dr there called and spoke with his Neuro at the CP Center in St Louis. They said we did the right thing and decided to up his medicine again. He's up to 75mg of Zonegran/AM and 100mg/PM. He was checked over and besides the fact that he'd just had a severe seizure, he looked good. So he was discharged.We got home and he slept til about 1:30 this afternoon. He cried when he woke up, he tried to walk but was so wobbly. He ate a little oatmeal and was starting to get his normal color back.I spoke with the CP Cntr nurse this afternoon and she said she'd call me back in the AM about this. It's alarming to me that his seizures are getting worse. Today's seizure was classified as tonic-clonic. Logen has never had this kind before. Nor has he ever had one lasting over 2 minutes. I'm worried about this. Personally I think if they are getting worse- there must be something we are missing. How is it that seizures just pop up at 4.5 years old and become worse as you increase the preventative medicine? I'll post an update when I get one.The nurse called this afternoon to check on us. I also spoke to Logen's teacher (everybody wanted an update) She said when the bus got to the school this afternoon, they ladies had tears in there eyes-- they were so so worried about Logen.I am absolutely AMAZED with his school. So far, in every aspect they've gotten a A+.I missed class yesterday- Parker has a bilateral ear infection. One he's had for about a week we didn't know about. We got numbing ear drops- they looked horrible. He hadn't had a fever- just wasn't sleeping. He still doesn't have all of his front teeth in, I chalked it up to teething. Guess we won't do that again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Okay, just a quick little thingy here....It seems like people aren't really posting much here or on the NBBC. How would everyone feel about a board on proboards? I know I asked before, but the admins at created a CP board at my request over there, and the format is really simple. Anyone want to join me over there?

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