Friday, November 28, 2008


I updated our blog lol and it is LONG! Lets just say it's been a long few months! Nicky has been sick most of the time he's been in school, but is doing so wonderful there, has had many asthma attacks, migraines, and three bouts of pneumonia and is on a whole list of meds now. He is now on maintenances doses of Naproxen for his migraines (after 3wks steady to break the cycle), FlowVent & Ventolin (sp?) for his asthma and dex when his infections get into his lungs, advil & tylenol to control the pain of his muscle spasms, colease (sp?) for his bowels, and has been off and on antibiotics for the past three months and they are wanting us to look into botox for his legs! He will be booked for his eye surgery after his next eye measurement in Feb (they want another measurement in hope they do it 110% right the first time so he wont need another surgery) but has avoided the surgery on his penis YAY! AND AND AND He FINALLY has his new AFOs YIPPEE!!! They don't come home for another lil bit because they want to make sure they fit right and they work alright for him, they are at the school, since they have already had to send them back once but OMG we are so happy that he finally has them again! I posted a ton of new pics on the blog since we haven't been on to update in ages but since things have calmed down a bit I think I will be able to keep up with it better lol


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